Huntington Beach, California
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We were extremely disappointed in our experience at the Huntington Beach/Talbert Walmart store last night! (Black Friday, November 27, 2014) We can not wait to share our misguided adventure with the "Better Business Bureau", "Orange County Register", "Yelp" and of course anyone else that will listen!

We waited in line for "four" hours to obtain a $159 laptop for our nephew. He needs it for school and his parents are out of work and could not afford one. We pooled our money together and decided to buy this laptop at Walmart. We chose Walmart over Fry's, Bestbuy, Office Depot or Microcenter only because they advertised that tickets would be handed out and we would be guaranteed the laptop. We were at the front of the line and were excited! As soon as the items were available (8:00 pm), a group of large men pushed their way to the front of the line and grabbed the "ONLY 10 LAPTOPS IN STOCK!" There were no tickets handed out. We found out that there were no guaranteed items as advertised! We will never shop at Walmart stores again and are cancelling our memberships at "Sam's Club" as well. We are very disappointed and will do our best to spread the word! Shame on you Walmart!

Happy Holidays to you all,

Lisa Cleghorn

Kathleen McCabe

Vance Losleben

Patricia Smith

Justin Smith

Devon Smith

Melinda Weinheime

Reason of review: Walmart lied!.

Preferred solution: I want the laptop as they advertised!.

Walmart Cons: Lack of stock.

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If his parents are out of work they should not be having children in the first place. Who feeds the child, tax payers because they are probably on government assistance. Instead of trying to buy a laptop for the child why not spend the money on feeding the child so tax payers don't have to.


So you're blaming Walmart for having greedy customers who shove their way through the crowd to grab the sale items? Sounds like a typical black Friday experience, which happens to go on at all stores, not just Walmart.

One hour guarantees were only given out on specific items. You weren't guaranteed a laptop. Stop whining.One more thing, Laptops are always kept behind a counter and an associate will hand it to the customer once they pay for it. Big ticket items are not put on the floor for people to grab due to high theft.

In light of that, how did these men grab those laptops? Your story doesnt add up.


She apparently is blaming the company for greedy customers, then again her sister mooches off the government. Neither parent has a job so what can you expect.