Hoschton, Georgia

I was buying a new video game for my son, which I was planning to pick up in store tomorrow. It said in store pick up online but when i checked out it said it should arrive by Wednesday.

I'm outraged that they lied to me about the pick up and a I am super pissed off. Now i have to wait to give my son his birthday gift a week after his actual birthday. I'm really hating Wal-Mart right about now.

Sincerely, a pissed off customer. Goodbye Wal-Mart.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Fyi, in store pickup and pick up today are two completely different things. If it did not say pick up today, that means you can pick it up in store when it arrives in 5-10 business days because it will be shipped to the store for free instead of coming to your house and charging a delivery fee.

Pick up today means the item is in the store and one of the associates is going to receive an alert to pull the item off the shelf and hold it for you and you can pick it up after your payment is processed. Two completely different things, and either way before you finalize your order it will show you an estimated delivery date, so you will not be surprised.


You read my review but you did not read my comment. They lied to me, my son has both his games, but they lied to me, they already had a copy of the game in the store, and did not give it a day before it's release date even though it was a birthday gift.

They said they had both games in the store, one was the new game called Mario and Luigi Paper Jam, they had it in stock, but they made up a lie about not being able to sell it until January 21st since that is when the game is released. I think this is a lie, and even if it is not, it is not my son's fault his birthday was a day before the release date. It is not my son's fault that the game is released on the 21st and his birthday is on the 20th. Even if they are telling the truth, why should he be punished ON HIS BIRTHDAY, because the game is released one day later?

He was crying when I did not have the game for him, remember he is nine. Will never shop there again, also this is not the first incident that had me upset, last month he opened up a pack of Pokemon cards, and instead of telling me to tell him to stop, the employee rudely told my son that he was not allowed to open up packs. He had not already opened it up. She grabbed it from him and put it on the shelf.

When I addressed her she told me that he is not supposed to be opening packages. He has not opened it, he was in the process of opening the package.


PS not only did they lie about the Pick Up date they also lied about when the game was released. My son wants the newest Mario and Luigi game for 3ds.

Mario and Luigi Paper Jam. I was told and he also wanted the game Mario and Luigi Dream Team. They told me that I can pick up Mario and Luigi Dream Team tomorrow, but lied to me and said that I cannot pick up Mario and Luigi Paper Jam because it is released on the 22nd of January. I told them that I don't care, my son's birthday is on the 21st, and they refused to make an exception.

Also sorry, I made a mistake in my customer feedback. I was told that the game would be delivered the day after my son's birthday not the week after. I understand that you cannot sell a game before it is released, but keep in mind my son is a child, not a teen or adult, he really wanted this game for his birthday, and they could not make an exception for a child and give the game early, this being only one day early besides I think they are lying about the release date, they just did not do their job and include both the games and they lied by telling me that the Paper Jam game is not released until the 22nd. They basically ruined my son's ninth birthday.

Not only that but he won't get it until the day after his birthday because his school friends are coming over after school for a party and I cannot go to the store until the day after. You ruined his ninth birthday.


You do realize it is ILLEGAL for them to sell a video game before it's release date. YOU ruined your special snowflake's birthday by raising a child to think THAT LAWS do not apply to them. That employee's job is more important than your 9 year old having to wait a few days to get a game.