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While I won't go into all of the complaints that I have/had with Walmart, I have this particular irritation. I went into our local store to purchase a green light bulb.

Since this green light is being promoted by Walmart, I assumed there would be a large display of bulbs to purchase. Imagine my dismay and grudging acceptance, when there were none. Pink, red, blue.....no green that Walmart supports. I was told by a very polite young man that they were out.

But since they sold the last 2 two days before, the bulbs should be delivered to the store in a week or so.

I thanked him and heard him telling another associate that

"People are wanting green light bulbs for some reason." Neither one had a clue of the national "support of veterans" backed by Walmart. Only an example of why Walmart gets the bad rap they do.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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When you are old enough to enter high school take economics class. You will learn about cause and demand, and supply and demand. Sometimes more people want something and companies don't have enough to restock, or the supply is not manufacturing enough of a product to sell to stores.

to thissitesucks2015 #1089291

To: thissitesucks2015,

I've been looking through some of the comments on different things on this site and noticed that this site seems to be your life hobby. You comment on so many things and share your opinion and words of wisdom. Just wondering, if this site sucks so much, why do you spend so much of your time here???

to Anonymous #1089429

I wonder that as well, but he has a point, the OP does not need to throw a temper tantrum because something ran out. If it is a featured item and on sale than people are going to buy it fast.

For the OP to throw a temper tantrum does nothing.

But I agree if this site sucks, why use it. Unless he posted about a service about another site.

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