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I go to the neighborhood Walmart, 2 blocks away. Just need a bag of sugar so I can enjoy my coffee in the morning.

27th of October @ 6:00 pm. There are 8 lanes, 4 of which are self Service, 1 of which is down. Lines of people are 14-15 people long in the 3 lines that are open. Not 1 employee at a register or Customer Service on a weeknight?

Really? The guy monitoring the self check register's is CLUELESS that he needs to call for help. I put my Sugar back on the shelf and left.

Does Walmart think it's acceptable practice to treat customers that way?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Oxford, Mississippi, United States #1235210

Probably all Mexicunts!

Houston, Texas, United States #1233086

It is the end of the month and all the EBT people want to use u the rest of their food stamp money

Houston, Texas, United States #1233084

You want more workers you should be prepared to pay more. You would be complaining then that the spending money your parents gave you is all used up then


first of all, the 27th is a thursday. no way in hill there were that many people in any line in any walmart in the good ole USA.

there is no second.

oh yeh there is. next time you need sugar for your coffee, go to 7/11.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #1233088

It could be, it is the end of the month and all the ebt people want to use the rest of their money on food stamps before it runs out.

Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1232990

I believe Target sells sugar.


let me guess. you went to target and found they didn't have what you needed and you went back to walmart the next day. that's how it works.

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