Newbury Park, California
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Walmart university town center morgantown wv 08/13/14 8pm been standing in line for over an hour, only 8 lanes open and lines are going down the isles and I see walmart employees walking around doing absolutely nothing, all the money walmart makes DONT YOU F.....g think you could open more registers

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You are f.ucked in the head if you waited an hour! No way you waited an hour!


I really hate when customers assume the other workers are "doing nothing". Salesfloor associates have responsibilities that have to be completed too.

Also, 8 registers is a lot for most stores. My local store only has 10 registers total and usually only 3 open.


A lot of these people like to ASSume a lot, sometimes you begin to winder if they are really children who have a disease making them look like adults. I have to agree the hour she claimed to be in line is an embellished.


Unless it is real busy I doubt that you have been waiting in line for over an hour. Even during Christmas I have not had to wait over an hour in their lines, especially if there are eight registers open.

Which I must say is more than normal. Maybe you have been in the store for over an hour selecting your item, but I doubt you were in line for over an hour, anyone waiting that long would have left a long time ago, surely the people in front of you would have left if they were waiting just as long. Yeah parents are probably buying their children school items, but still I doubt you have been in line that long.

Any normal person would have left without their items a long time ago. The other poster suggested you are a child, with the profanity, misspelled words, lack of capital letters for proper nouns, behavior and attitude, inability to tell time perhaps they are correct.


Calm down, and you really should have asked your parents permission before submitting anything online, if they find out you used their phone and submitted something online without their permission they may take your phone from you. Why stay in line if they are that long, and I seriously doubt you waited an hour, to a five year old child it would seem like an hour though. You should know that the employees walking around doing nothing are in departments, if they were not in their departments and on cash you would complain they are all on cash.