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I went to pick up my $98 television from WalMart and the sales person told me that they had given my tv to someone else. She then offered me a vizio and I asked if I could see it and if it was a better tv.

One of the more experience associates told me that vizio was better... Sooo i told her okay I'l try the vizio and that's when she got mad and said "No you can't have it. You asked that guy if it was better so now you want it!" I asked for management and the manager in essence humiliated me and told me that I was trying to get a more expensive tv! I told her that the associate offered it!

Well the manager told me to take one of the emerson's that was left by another customer... to be continued at the Better Business Bureau...

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Back the train up!

Your complaining about being offered a lesser TV than the high quality $98 TV you had original ordered!

Time to re-evaluate your concept of quality.

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