Chicago, Illinois
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i had been shopping at wal mart for 5 years now at 501 w pawnee here in wichita kansas

i went in with my husband and the lady at the counter was checking out my husband,i thought that was messed up

i i got out of line to grab a bottle op pop in the cooler,and when i got back shewas flirting with my husband and even gave him her number

i wonder what the *** wal mart is thinking when they hire younger promiscious employees that do things like that

i think her name was stephanie or something,and she has got a really big tatoo on her right arm that hangs out and totally looks unprofessional

needless to say WE won`t be going their anymore

I am DISGUSTED by wal mart

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Walmart only hire people that have tatoos exposed on their arms or face piercings..


Flirting is a two way street....better keep an eye on your husband as well. Also no one shops at walmart because of their wonderful employees. They shop there for the cheep Chinese *** and the *** poor service.


If kung *** action did all those things isn't that a hate crime? i wonder how old Kung *** Action is. I am 11 and know it is not nice to make fun of someone and harass them just because they are disabled.


Yup Dnavarro, Sorcha immediately got it right. You are a complete ***.

The only one worse than you is Kung *** Action, who is pretty much a full blown, heehawing jacka$$. You want to blame someone...blame your husband.

As for you, Kung *** Action, you deserved to get fired.

The bad part of that is that you have probably been sitting in your ratty trailer ever since then, scratching your puss bloated ***, collecting unemployment and drinking yourself into a stupor. The good part is that your retarded friend still has a job...LOSER.


Thanks for sharing this with us Dnavarro, especially your last comment we really wanted to know about how your husband can't "get it up" with you. There is something called too much information.


Ha ha ha very funny Louis and Mulch.

Infact when she was cashing my husband out, her *** were so close to his face. She was doing this on purpose, and my husband even had a stiffy when he left the line. He never gets one around me.


Well if you had something to to offer your husband except a load of lard then he wouldn't be looking.

Why do men cheat on their wives? Simple their wives get fat, lazy *** and take everything for granted and still expect more.

Treat yer men right as there are about 100 women out there who will treat him right.


I used to work at Wal-mart, and the greeters they hire are usually retards. People with disabilities.

They fired me because there was this retard greeter. He has a Batman cup he brings to work. The retard if it gets misplaced he gets really upset. So a few times I hid the cup from the retard just to show new employees how *** he is.

Eventualy I got fired because of this ***. This *** cannot read or write, and they hired him as a greeter and I got fired. They should hot have hired him in the first place. They said I was showing disrespectful to him when I hid his things, and when I made fun of him.

So Irish, my findings are correct some of the people working there cannot read or write. This *** was in a special ed class since he started school, and graduated from a special ed program. He should not be working when there are normal people who want a job. To top it off because of him I am out of a job.

What the *** do you expect from a company which hires mentally retarded people. I will never step foot in another wal-mart, sams club as long as I live.

They can keep hiring idiots who do not know how to read and write as greeters. *** retard cost me my job.


you shouldn't be mad at Wal-Mart you should be mad at your husband for going along with the flirting.


"what the *** do you expect out of wal mart?

you should be happy they can read and write for christ sake"

You can read but your writing is that of a six year old. Remember kid, sentences and proper nouns begin with a capital letter.


what the *** do you expect out of wal mart?

you should be happy they can read and write for christ sake

i live in wichita and have shopped at that one and think i know who your talking about

like i said what do you expect?


Why don't you do what everyone else does in this situation and tell Stephanie that if she wants your husband it's a thousand bucks a pop. You can make money out of this.


shut up ***


You, madam, are a complete ***. They will hire anyone with a pulse at Wal-Mart, and if you expect anything else, you're a fool.

You're at Wal-Mart, and you're complaining about an employee with a tattoo? What world do you live in? Working at Wal-Mart does not in any way require someone to look "professional." It requires them to be willing to accept low pay, under shoddy working conditions, in ways that are barely legal under current labor laws.

Since she was still there, one must assume that she met all those requirements. Get over yourself.