Chicago, Illinois

I posted a complaint on Walmart's Facebook Page on April 4th. No response.

Posted again and was given a reference number. No follow-up. Posted several more times and still have not heard back from Walmart three weeks later. All I get are emails saying they have lots of complaints to handle and will get back to me shortly.

Give me a break, businesses that care respond and reslolve complaints, promptly. Not Walmart.

No wonder they have so many complaints. They have lost a cutomer and I am telling everyone Do Not Shop at Walmart.

They do not care about their customers :( :( :(

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Get over yourself you whiny, ***


they have so may complaints because of *** like you. to spam them with your single complaint just ties up the system for everyone.

lucky i spammed them with my complaint before you and because of me you will have to wait an extra couple months. sucks to be you hahahaha


Your complaint is that you posted on Facebook and no one got back to you? You were too lazy to speak to someone face to face yet you expect a huge company to go out of their way and cater to you?

Someone too lazy to even speak to a live person?

Replacing jobs in America with Facebook? Who needs customer service agents?

Just use a social media web page, auto reply emails and then complain about it from your lazy boy.

Everything that is WRONG with America.


I agree with the others. plus Walmart gets a ton of complaints. mostly pointless ones and I'm sure your complaint was something dumb like "my local Walmart wouldn't price match this website that no one has ever heard of, what do you mean I can't get 50% off because I shop here a lot or my cousin works for Walmart headquarters so why can't I get discounts and why isn't there a red carpet rolled out for me?" and you're a *** if you're going to stop shopping there all because they didn't respond to your childish Facebook complaint.


They do have lots of complaints and the world does not revolve around you. So be an adult, act your age and wait your turn. Also most likely like everyone who posts here not only for Walmart, but Target, Kmart, Zellers, Mcdonalds ect you are in the wrong and the complaint is about how you were throwing a temper tantrum like some three year old because they did not bend the rules for you.


What's a "cutomer "?


What was your complaint? If you are trying to get them to break their policies on something it's no wonder they're not responding.