I went to walmat at the Lynn Haven Florida store to pick up a site to store purchase and the employe named "Lynn" never looked at me or said anything to me. I handed her my paper with the information on it and she went to find my things and throughout the entire process the lady never said one word to me.

This lady has been with walmart for years, so her name tag has on it. She should be FIRED!

I wouldn't recommend this Walmart to anyone. I think more people should complain and maybe places like this will fix the problems.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #208255


I work at Wal-mart and yes we do have employees like this person you described. Also keep in mind sometimes we hire disabled people so perhaps(could be wrong) she does not speak.


WTF, I hope you are trolling but if you are the persson who wrote this letter she does not like you okay. The reason she does not want to talk to you is because you are some sort of ***. If you like prostitutes so much why not pay $600 and night and spend the time with them, because she is not interest in you.


I think this person "Bobby" is not the same person who wrote the letter. Probably just some 10-12 year old who wants attention.


grow up that has nothing to do with walmart its about you being a pig

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #207910

Further more when I asked for her phone number and told her she was hot she called security. I always go to Lynn, she dresses like she wants sexual attention and then when I give it to her she calls security and I was banned from the store for a year.

I want her fired because due to her I may have a criminal record. She will not have a hard time finding another job she is sexy and hot and rude, perhaps prostitiation is more of her style and the manager siad she did not look at me because she still feels uncomfortable around me because I offered to drive her home and gave her my phone number which she never called. I understand she may not be allowed to date customers but she is just rude she did not want to acknowledge me at all. This time I did not call her a hot babe.

What a *** she is ruining my life.

I asked her coworkers to tell me when she works next so I can look at her ***. She does not even want that.

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