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Pharmacy caused undue pain and suffering by continually lying about faxing a prescription refill request to the doctors office. Patient has been in bed since December 31st with all but three of the side effects and withdrawals, in link below, caused by suddenly stopping Lyrica by a long time user. Request to contact dr for refill was made ~December 28th. Tried to pick it up December 31st, in person, and was told dr hadn't responded to fax. (VERY UNLIKEY AS THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE with 4 other pharmacies) Calls were made to pharmacy who was less than helpful just to say " we fax a request every morning". Were told a request would be faxed 4 times yesterday.

Doctors office has never once received a fax. Finally this morning talked to the pharmacy and asked for them to please contact the doctor and get this straightened out! "No, you have to call the doctor and have them call us". Well, it sure would have been nice if someone had mentioned this on the at minimum, 6 phone calls, but nope.


Where are all of the fax receipts that you have faxed to the doctor? Patient will not speak with anyone from Walmart until they have reviewed the above link describing the pain and suffering that was caused by their negligent, cruel and totally unnecessary actions.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Lyrica Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Did they get more money for this supposed lying to you? In what way did all of this headache and frustration benefit Walmart?

I just don't understand the motive to be able to justify malicious intent.

BTW, next time, you would sound A LOT more intelligent if you linked to an actual medical site. Not a social media news blog.