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I went to Walmart to get a new battery put in my watch, thinking it would be quick and cheap.When I got there, I had to wait about 20 minutes for someone to get there that supposedly knew what they were doing.

When I showed her my watch, she said she couldn't put the battery in for liability reasons since it wasn't a Walmart watch. So, while attempted to replace it myself, having no idea what I was doing (sorry I didn't go to watch-school), I broke my watch. So, now I don't only have a watch with no battery, I also have a watch with no hands.

The girl's only real offer of help was a bag for me to put the pieces in.Thanks for nothing Walmart!

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Also please don't call an adult old enough to work a girl, when you don't have the basic common sense that a child of six has.


You broke your own watch you silly little boy. You could have went elsewhere instead of trying to do something that you don't know how to do. You could have asked mommy to help you fix your watch.


If people like you know their policy at certain places you should not open your mouth

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So going to Walmart for a battery change on your watch is kind of like going to GM or Ford to get a watch battery installed.

Just because they sell batteries and sell cars with clocks in them doesn't automatically qualify them to install a battery in your time piece.


omg I can totally relate to how you feel about Wal-Mart making break your watch because every day I wake up my television makes me watch it, my car makes me drive it, and my house makes me sleep in it......... Life with no free will is hard.

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The person did not know how to fix the watch neither did the OP. the op should not have tried since they did not go to watch school. However this thing about free will being hard makes a good point, like that parent who complained that crappy service made her abuse her child.


Wal-Mart is not to blame.They don't open watches they don't sell.

That is their policy.

YOU broke your watch.If the hands fell off you obviously weren't being very gentle with it.


I REALLY dislike Wal-Mart, I avoid it at all costs for many reasons I wont get into for this post.I am proud to say that I haven't set foot in one for over two years.

That being said, Wal-Mart didn't MAKE you do anything. Most companies wont install watch batteries for liability reasons. If you care about your watch and you want the install done properly, by an individual that is insured to do so, take it to a jewelry store. I'm sure the next response would be that will cost a pretty penny, and yes it will cost you money, but nothing comes for free.

I felt the necessity to respond to this post because I felt just the title, much less the content was a bit silly. It is a shame you broke your watch, but take some responsibility for your own decisions/actions. Wal-Mart did not hold a gun to your head, you have options of places that will do it. If you don't want to pay for it, well, you take the chance at breaking your product.

I'm sure the clerk at Wal-Mart didn't go to "watch school" either.I'm happy for the poor clerk that she didn't make an attempt at replacing the battery, if she had, and broken the watch, I'm sure you would have made life much more difficult for her, needlessly.


Most jewlery shops or pawn shops will change the battery for a small fee charging no more than wal-mart.


I have to ask. How did you break off the hands while attempting to change the battery? Seriously, did Walmart make you *** too?

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