Medford, New Jersey
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I used to LOVE Walmart. To say I spend an average of $500 a month there would be an understatement. Not any more! They blew it!

For over 10 years I have had all of my prescriptions filled at Walmart. One in particular has never cost any more than $4.00 for a months supply. When I picked it up yesterday, it rang up for $35.00! After a review by the pharmacist, I was told that they had switched manufacturers and that was the price. Really?

So I paid for the Rx, and took great pride in returning all the things I had in my loaded cart to the shelves from whence they came.

I drove directly to Target(who had my drug for $4.00)changed over all of my prescriptions and bought all of the things that were originally in my cart from Walmart. I paid the same at Target for what I was buying, got a $5.00 OFF card for my next purchase and was checked out by a cashier who spoke excellent English! Target really gets it! Who knew?

I now have NO reason to go to Walmart.

Monetary Loss: $31.

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My WalMart pharmacy had employees who would discuss all of my daughter's medications and anything else they felt like it with her father, grandmother & anyone who called on the phone or came in. The ladies that did this knew I had full custody, my parents & I were the only ones allowed to pick up her medications; they tried to transfer prescriptions to another pharmacy without my permission.

I finally went over the head pharmacist & talked to his boss.

They were gone within 1-2 years. They were breaking many, many laws.