Fayetteville, North Carolina

After reading some of the complaints against Walmart, I would like to know, how or if walmart deals

with the peoples or departments in many of the complaints. Walmart said use there Customer Services System, that does not works.

Yet, the same problems happen over and over. The same departments and peoples continues to give Walmart Customer problems. What has to happen for Walmart Management to clear out a department or fired peoples that causes these problems. There are people who would be glade to have these jobs.

Is the Managers at these Walmarts Stores reading these complaints. Not handling these complaints could lead to consumers going other customers friendly stores.

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I think most if not all are ignored. You would think poor service and bullying would catch someone's attention ion in HR if they areare being locked at.


I saw your review, refusing a refund because you have no receipt is not considered bullying.


Management well lack of seems to be the problem at Wal-Mart's everywhere they wont listen to the good employees they have are could have and they hire people who really don't want to work but want to be paid for just showing up .


You just hate the managers because they won't hire you. Then you go around playing the disability card as to why they did not hire you to score pity points. No pity for someone who uses her disability to claim she is being discriminated against.


Stop shopping there! I stopped shopping at walmart about 3 years ago and every store I shop at now has better check out service than the best walmart ever had!!!


Walmart Management are you listen to your customer (INCOME). PULLTYPE said you want your bottom line to go to other stores. Do you want customers money to go to other stores.


Ben needs to be hired by Walmart. He makes sure the spot light is taken off the problems the person talking about.


Again, Ben the problem the person is talking about is what the comments should be about. clearly, you need a ""LIFE".


Based on the grammar in this complaint, it is clear this person has been in one of the customers of Wal Mart videos on YouTube. Please do not procreate!


Many years in retail have taught me that there are some customers that you do not want and you would be pleased if they went to other stores.