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I spend thousands of dollars at Walmart but lately I have taken my business elsewhere! Walmart in Gadsden Alabama store #00301 shows zero management!

I was spending $800 or more a day from my company and now I hate to go. I get harassed by staff asking me how and why am I spending so much money there. They announce to the customers how much I'm spending to encourage questions to be ask. I have been told I have to check out at a particular register and no one working it.

A person goes off to get someone and never returns. Also I try to do self check out due to nosey Walmart employees and the self check out tells me due to amount I need to go to an actual person. This behavior is inexcusable! I complain and the Walmart employees say they are taught by Walmart to police what customers buy and ask questions that is non of their business!

The store manager Craig Higgins has no control over his employees. They have made comments like "you must have voted for trump" this is inexcusable behavior! I have considered going to the media over this out of control employees. They never seem to care if your waited on or not, they will hold long conversations in front of you and never ask if you need help.

Yesterday I tried to use the ATM machine and it just ate my card. A worker said it has been doing that all day. She went to get someone with the key it took 30 mins to get my card back and I ask her " If this has been doing this all day why not put a sign up it's out of order"? She said, I don't know it just does that and I said you won't have to open it all day and customers won't have to wait!

She didn't seem to care! This type of foolishness and then the check outs have too tight security and always refuses my credit card. These issue are constant! Every day all day there!

I am at the point I hate going to Walmart due to either the Walmart police questioning why I am buying to just plain stupidity! I want to let corporate know this needs to stop or I will form a group who will oppose Walmart openly! So far I have avoided an bad argument but this Walmart is pushing my patience.

I try to understand that they don't get paid much but to be so nosey isn't a pay thing honestly. Walmart don't need their employees policing the checkout it's ridiculous.

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So you've been stealing...AND youre mad cuz you're about to get caught? SMH

Muncie, Indiana, United States #1249281

"They announce to the customers how much I'm spending to encourage questions to be ask."

Not that I was believing this before the above quote, but the quote made me laugh. That's so blatantly false and such BS.

Also, let's say you were spending "at least $800/day" at Wal-Mart. For a five-day work week, that equates to $41,600 a year.

IF that were true, why would you not have a credible contract with a vendor?

Nothing about your comment makes sense.

Houston, Texas, United States #1249223

So Walmart has their own police force?


Was it a Walmart bank ATM?

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