Chilliwack, British Columbia
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Males of all ages purposely go to/shop at WalMart so they can drug/sexually assault female customers/employees from behind & management/security has no problems deleting/erasing the camera evidence of it. I heard the WalMart management at each individual store promotes who they choose as their faviorte employees & denies/prevents others they don't like from future employment opportunities. Denies/lies about it.

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You sound like a bitter female ex-employee. If this truly happened, and you know for a fact/have evidence, then by all means go to the police with this information. Let us know how it turns out.


And exactly how do you know this?

Exactly what tangible proof do you have of these accusations?

Do you have camera footage of your own recording these incidents?

Did you speak to the victims yourself?

What is the purpose of your complaining about this?


actually its been proven they do this but walmart is such a huge company and are under so many law firms that they refuse to help because its a conflict of interest so stop acting as if walmart is god and does no wrong


Who is acting like Walmart is God? Just stating facts, as I personally hate Walmart and don't shop there (shows how much you know).

Call the police and file a report, if this is truely the case. Not rocket science.