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The happenings which led to compelling me to contact The Walmart head office, the attorney General In Arkansas and the Department of Justice. Walmart refuses to do anything about the situation.

On 9/17/07, at the Walmart Store in Grants Pass, Oregon, I purchased an avocado and remarked at the cash register stand that the item was marked at .98 cents each. This is clearly under 1 penny. I was informed at that moment that Walmart has a policy of giving the item for free or for $3 less if it is mismarked. I thus effortlessly received the item for free. I let the cash register person know that it's an issue that should be corrected and that a manager should be aware of it to correct the great amount of mismarked price signs. I was told it would be done.

So far so good.

That brings us to today in which I decided that 2 weeks was ample time for Walmart to get its act together. I was thinking that all the signs would be marked correctly but to my surprise there were so many mismarked items that I figured I'd go on a shopping spree!

On 10/3/2007, I tried to purchased one spaghetti squash at .88 cents/lb, 1 Roma tomato at .53 cents/lb, 1 large lemon at .68 cents each, 1 lime at .38 cents each, 1 gala apple at .98 cents/lb, 1 small red apple at .88 cents/lb, 1 tangelo at .84 cents each, 1 red onion at .84 cents/lb, 1 garnet yam at .98 cents/lb, 1 mango at .98 cents each, 1 large Granny Smith apple at .98 cents/lb, 1 avocado at .68 cents each, 1 tangerine at .79 cents each, 1 navel orange at .50 cents each, 1 red plum at .98 cents each, and 1 five-pound bag of potatoes at .98 cents each.

I kindly told the lady at the check stand of the situation so as to not hold up the line and asked if I should go to the customer service counter. She agreed. So I went to the counter, explained the situation and within a reasonable amount of time, the lady helping me understood the situation, spoke with another customer service person about it then asked for help from apparently a supervisor. This new person in the picture, I am assuming to be a supervisor exclaimed that she couldn't believe so many items are mismarked. I then walked with her to the produce area where I pointed out some errors, even of some that I didn't bother to purchase. She said she'd get the store manager. Evidently the store manager was in a meeting, so I had the [mis]fortune of dealing with the co-manager. I was astonished with the words I heard, as over and over again I heard one illogical statement after another. Early on she told me "They are all marked the way they are suppose to be." I quickly wrote down her statement and told her I have it in writing. I said, "Well, if that's the case, please allow me to purchase the items at the prices marked." She refused, yet I was wondering why she'd make such a statement and then not back it up. She told me that if a dollar sign was put in front of the sign of the price for the potatoes instead of the cents sign, it'd mean 98 dollars. I then wrote down for her to see: '$.98 = $98'. I showed this to her and I asked, Are you telling me these two are equal?" She said "Yes." I then made note of her agreeing to the equality of two clearly unequal figures. I was shocked that someone who made it to that level in the store would lack such comprehension that all high-school grads should possess. I avoided saying anything directly about her and instead asked whether the minimum educational level to work at Walmart was a high school or middle school graduate for if this was the case, the signs should have been marked correctly. Apparently she was getting annoyed from me as it exposed her lack of understanding of decimals. I asked if she understood decimals really well and she told me she did. Well, then there should be no problem, right? WRONG! She then made me the focus of discussion and started ridiculing me, stating I am the only person she ever had to talk with about the signs and telling me I am wrong! PREPOSTEROUS! How could someone who shows so much incompetence in an area tell another person that they are wrong? It was absolutely ridiculous trying to get anywhere with this co-manager and I told her swiftly to not insult me. She decided to invoke the power she had as a means to get over on a person whom she could not win in a discussion that should have remained a discussion to be simply solved, but she made it turn into an argument from relentless illogical statements. This power was to tell me to leave and she furthermore threatened, in her own words "If you don't leave now, I'll grab you."

So she got other workers near me to get me to leave even though I said I would leave but it was not because I did anything wrong and made it clear to the shoppers and other employees around her that I am being kicked out because the co-manager doesn't understand decimals.

That co-manager should have been fired immediately for being so incompetent and for showing such outrageous behavior.

Review about: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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are you having fun still?

the op did not say those things that appear like a 3rd grader wrote them. anyone can choose to use the same name as the op when making comments.

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choose a name other than the one used by the OP and knock yourself out.


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