Pembroke, North Carolina
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Walmart Manager, Ponce Chavis, in Pembroke, NC has major issues dealing with store management and customer relations, which reflects on most of his employees. Walmart associates in Pembroke are extremely rude to customers, the store shelves are not adequately stocked and employees are periodically not tending the cash registers and customer service station.

These problems have been constantly addressed to the manager, Ponce Chavis, without avail. In fact, Mr. Chavis' inept management and belligerent attitude shows on his employees.

Because of these problems, many local patrons prefer to shop at the Walmart in Lumberton, NC or elsewhere. Ponce Chavis should be terminated as the manager.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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I understand what you are saying and it goes all the way to corporate headquarters . The corporate office of Walmart don't address the issues properly .

Walmarts looses alot of good associates for the blame is thrown on them by management. The corporate guy comes in the manager runs around the store with pencil and pad in hand, as the Kings Mountain manager did today she was running around getting chewed out then she ask assistants mgr. whats the problem then R T & M blame the associates. Come on corporate start at store level get rid of your terrible management replace with good people.

The manager of Kings Mountain is out of touch with the store.

If you want a good productive manager in Kings Mountain replace the existing manager and promote Asst manager Travis to the manager and get rid of all other management even your HR girl in Kings Mountain she covers for management in the worst way. Travis will turn that store around and he will *** out the slackers , he is the meaning of true managment and doesnt degrade employees as the existing manager does.


This issue has not been resolved. The manager Ponce Chavis tells Walmart customers if they don't like the way he manages or his employees, then stay out of his store.


You don't have any right to say who should and shouldn't be fired. Yes there are times shelves are understocked, but that is because a shipment is late in arriving.

In all the years that I have been shopping at WalMart stores I have never encountered a rude, inept employee.

If a customer is rude or even portrays that type of attitude what kind of treatment should the customer expect. I have seen customers go up to employees and instead of politely asking for help will say something to the effect "hey you." What kind of respect is that, and what kind of treatment should that customer expect in return?


What rock did you crawl out from under? Do you not notice the thousands of complaints on the multiple websites regarding Walmart?

This particular Walmart store has some major managerial issues regarding unprofessional behavior and attitude problems with the manager and his employees.

It's quite obvious a "changing of the guard" is needed, starting with firing the manager, Ponce Chavis. Until you go in and personally survey the situation at this store, you need to just stuff a sock in your mouth, alongside your big foot.


We get thousands of complaints not just for walmart but every company on this site, and most of them are from adults behaving like five year olds because they can't take no for an answer. Most of the time they mistake being told no as rudeness.


Lol you are correct, people who complain to pissedconsumer act like five year old's including constar712.


Why are you anonymous and why are you replying to your own response as indicated below? You sound like one of Poncey Chavis' morbidly obese, lazy and bad attitude typical sheboon employees at the Pembroke Walmart.


I agree and the OP is doing the same thing as you can tell.


Have mommy or daddy explain to you how retail works. They hire more people they will have to pay those people, they will have to pay them and your parents will have to pay more for merchandise. Items do not magically appear on shelves, if they are not being processed or in the warehouse they cannot wave a wand and stock the items now can they?


Most of these people need mommy or daddy, none of these posters are over the age of six, you can tell with their all about me attitude.