I was cussed by an employee in front of my child, when I went to another employee and asked to speak to a manager I was then physically assaulted by the employee that cussed me as I demanded a manager she looked me and smiled saying ask for my manager he came I explained what happened he responded, "I wish I had some advice for you". I called corporate 4 times and nothing.

Wal_Mart doesn't care about the employees or there costumer's.

Walmart doesn't care! Terrible!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Did you contact the police dept? They can look at camera footage.


I call BullCrap. The Walmart by my house employs a lot of sad people, I can seem them doing a lot of things but getting into a fists to cuffs with a customer. I don't think so.


There are lots of details missing from this story. And anyone who was physically assaulted in Walmart by an employee would not be asking for the manager, they would be calling the police.

That is, unless they knew they were in the wrong to begin with. I highly suspect the letter writer was the first to put their hands on someone.

Farmingdale, New York, United States #861887

We don't care either redneck


So here's my question: what did you do to deserve being cussed at? I worked at Walmart for 10 years and in that time I cussed one customer; after asking politely 3 times for him to keep his hands off me I told him that if he put his f#c#ing hands on me one more time I would t them off.

Sexual harassment was my breaking point for foul language. I'm willing to bet you provoked this attack in some way too.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous #876435

Maybe the OP is writing about you forgetting to mention he sexually touched you. This person did not state their location or the name of the employee or their own name.

Another customer was harassing an employee, asking to date her ect, he was turned down and he went and complained she was rude to him. Management believed her.

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