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Their greeters are profiling consumers, after shopping their I am asked by one of their greeters to see my receipt after I see a white customer walk out without even being asked to show theirs. This is harrasment, I can shop anywhere else and not have to go through this.

I don't feel comfortable or welcomed as a customer. Why would they need to look at your receipt. They have security teams as well as cameras and security tags.

Only after I asked to speak with his manager was I allowed to leave with no further issues. Walmart needs to get rid of their greeters, they serve no purpose but to harass customers by profiling them and drive them off.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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I have never seen a WalMart greeter stop a person unless the buzzer goes off as the customer enters the greeting area. There is more to your story than is being told.


So because you are paranoid and think everything is about your race you think they should get rid of the greeter, the greeter positions come in great when there is a lost child, they lock all the doors and make sure that the child does not leave the store. I know I lost my seven year old and they were all watching the doors.

So because you are paranoid you think they should get rid of all greeters? This would allow lost children to leave the store unattended and go into the parking lot. I have seen greeter stop children under the age of ten leaving the store without a parent so because you think the greeters are all racist and there is no need for them that position should be taken off. Many people who are greeters are disabled, so perhaps by saying that they should get rid of greeters you are discriminating against disabled people?

Or perhaps you are the racist one by assuming that because someone is white and they stop you they are racist? Perhaps it is you who is racist against whites as well as discriminating against disabled people. See how easy it is to play the race card, I bet you don't like being accused of discrimination so don't do it to others without proof, and before you go around making assumptions get your facts straight.

I am white and I am stopped by greeters if I don't have bags. So your claiming the greeters don't stop white people makes this review invalid and makes you look foolish.


You are asked based on what is in your cart: for example, if you have a lot of unbagged merchandise and the white people don't that's why you would be stopped and they wouldn't. Also, if they have you stopped already they wouldn't be able to stop the next white person (or black person for that matter) because they are with you.

As fat as the security, they can only do so much and sometimes shoplifting slip past them which is where the greatest come in.

My advice is to stop paying so much attention to race. You'll live a much happier life.

First Born Triplet
to getoverit #878287

You could be right but playing the race card is much easier for people.

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