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Walmart store 360 in Okla does not price match guarantee items from their own! Not only that manager Terry has poor customer service skills.

How can they call it price match guarantee if they don't even match their own web prices? I don't want to hear we get a cheaper price on line cause we have to pay shipping, hello site to store shipping is free!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Sigh, another five year old that mistakes being told NO as having poor customer service skills. Why not get mommy and daddy to get your stuff off the web for you instead.

Have them create an account since you are under 13 and pay them back. Web pricing is the same for every store, cheaper so why complain.

Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #893098

Why would they be in competition with themselves? If that price is such a problem to you then why don't you just go online to get it?

Prices can differ for many reasons. Walmart isn't the only store that doesn't do that.

First Born Triplet

Most stores dont match online prices, target has the same complaints if you go to their site for complaints.


Actually Walmart does ad match online now. But you have to bring the ad in.

to Anonymous #881447

Perhaps but still they don't match their own stores, online or otherwise.


Walmart matches "competitors" prices. Walmart is not competing with themselves. Most retailers do not match online store prices and most certainly not their own store.


You can obviously tell that this review was written by a child. How do I know this review was written by a child, first of all they mistake being told no as having poor customer service skills, and second they don't know that online prices are often lower than store prices and not only Walmart but most companies don't honor online prices.

I always see complaints from Walmart, Target from eight year old children such as the OP complaining about the exact same thing. I often see eight year old children such as the OP mistaking being told no as being rude or poor customer service.

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