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CSM Cassandra continues to harass employee. She threatens to tell other CSM about his work ethic when he does his job and the other helper, Daniel her pet sits off to the side for a half hour talking to another employee.

Takes two hour breaks. Also does not clear the carts and or keeps bays filled and leaves them for the other workers he is working with during his shift. Cassandra continues to harass the other employee that does his job thinking she has a higher power as to be able to fire employee when she is at the bottom herself. She needs her title taken away, clearly she is unfit for any type of management.

She does not even take laws into concidrration when it comes to lunch break. Law says a person working over five hours should get a half hour to one hour lunch break depending on work place. Walmart as you know has 2 15 minute breaks and a hour lunch for a 8 hour shift. She did not give employee lunch.

He had to go over her boss to get the lunch he was due.

It was later she gives employee dirty look then tells employee that she will be complaining about his work ethic when he does his job well. She needs to be stopped.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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