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Brooklyn Center, MN. Very unprofessional.

I went in to purchase Charcoal and any items that caught my eye. It took over 5 mins for us to choose charcoal because the prices weren't marked clearly or accurately. After getting to the register I informed they cashier in self checkout to remove an item. Item was removed but originally it was rung 2x so she only removed it once after I informed her that I didn't want the charcoal (cashier is the one who rang it up 2x and when I told her to remove it I also told her she rang it 2x- she said she didnt without checking for accuracy).

I paid and realized the problem. Also two items that I purchased weren't shelved with correct prices either. After heading back to the charcoal lane I returned to the same lady. She called for a manager.

I explained to the manager my 3 concerns. She informed me that I would have to get in line in customer service to get a refund. I asked about the 2 items I paid more for. She called for another Manager to whom which I also explained to her that I do not work for Walmart and should not have to look at prices and sku numbers to make sure the price is verified; or can she have her staff select the items that were the price I thought they were.

She pointed at another employee and said she can do it and without acknowledgement to me she walked off. Unprofessional. If your not happy about my comment well so be it. She can still smile and do her job, not roll her eyes and walk off.

The 2 employees (manager/supervisor) that I felt weren't helpful were: Candy and Sabrina. The staff Shaunda who was told to do it was quiet, professional and got the job done. Its sad every time I come here I am unaware of prices, lines are long, and staff are rude.

Just please shut the store down. Brooklyn park is better and Maple Grove is amazing and other areas away from the inner city.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I liked: There price.

I didn't like: Customers service is lacking, Unprofessional employees.

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Houston, Texas, United States #1319621

So you want this particular Walmart to close down because you had a bad experience.

That means many Walmart employees loose their job because of what you want to happen.

How would you feel if someone wanted a business to close down due to a bad experience, and someone you know who works there lost their job because of that?

Naples, Florida, United States #1318613

"She can still smile and do her job, not roll her eyes and walk off."

I would have stared at you like the entitled *** you are and walked off too. No one should have to deal with people like you in their job.

Where do you work? I would LOVE to be YOUR customer.

to LadyScot #1318883

Wherever she works, her coworkers are obviously glad to get rid of her. She thinks everyone that disagrees with her is basically uneducated when she is the one that truly is uneducated.


Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol.

Be blessed and take care.


to achiever1987 #1318160

I feel sorry for Target.

to MakeMyDay2O16 #1319322

Yeah, and Target has even more to worry about now, with f@ggots using the restrooms there.


Also, there is always a human cashier at self checkout who monitors transactions and assist with other things. Sometimes they even help ring up self checkout when the individual checkout lanes/lines are long.

So, no I did not ring up my own items the young lady did. I was not displeased with her help.

I thanked her but since I informed her that she rang the same item 2x she called for her supervisor. I only thanked her when she did.

So, once again be blessed because this child just got off work and would like to pick up items for breakfast for my coworkers since they voted me for Secretary of my Local 3rd term.

Take care everyone.


Yes with literally THOUSANDS of customers a day they have the time to fix ALL of the issues that YOU the customer creates. I cant tell you how many times I have watched a consumer just set a item back in a EMPTY spot when the space they picked it up from is RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM!!!

So unless YOU personally have had to work in a heavy duty retail store YOU have NO RIGHT to complain. Secondly, im 100% SURE they DIDNT NEED TO HEAR your opinion. Get over yourself princess. Third, you CLAIM you were in self check out.

THEN claim that the cashier charged YOU twice. Correct me if Im wrong but arent YOU the cashier?? Maybe pay attention next time. It doesnt take but a moment to READ THE PRICE TAG!!!!

even wally worlds tags are EASY to read. Product name and weight and price. We get it, YOU are such a special snowflake that YOU dont HAVE TO READ!!!

The reality is that YOU expect EVERYTHING to be perfect whe YOU ARE NOT!!!! So until YOU obtain PERFECTION maybe have a little respect for other human beings.

to Anonymous Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1317534

I have worked in Retail.

I also agree that consumers/customers DO NOT PUT things back where they found them.

I am still a service employee.

I am also very grateful of my position with all 3 companies that I am employed with.

So once again, you all are entitled to your opinion. I am actually not upset or feel insulted.

Last I checked no one was in the store with me or experienced what I did, not only at this visit but many others at this very location.

So, please, everyone be blessed and please continue with your comments. Maybe individuals with more positive comments, solutions or brainstorming ideas can submit me a comment.


I'll be sure not to buy my charcoal in Minnesota .

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