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back in January I tried getting a MoneyGram from the store I was denied because I have a Utah State issued ID I have made for complaints I have called the corporate office I have called the global aspect I've tried to contact in management well today I tried calling and getting ahold of Irving Fournier who is the manager who told me to call him if I ever need anything while he wasn't there I got another assistant manager who was going to talk to the people because not only did I have a state issued ID but the sender also did a test question as proof also well they left me on the phone for 36 minutes on hold then I kept calling back and getting hung up on so I decided to go to another Walmart and Carolena or close to Carolena the only other Walmart out here and after waiting in line for about 20 minutes I get up to the desk and she tells me that I can't use my state issued ID and I said I've never had a problem with you guys before cuz I've done my money grams there and that's why I asked s question was also sent her money gram this is what they said wow she told me as of January 29th there was a new rule anything over $300 you have to have a Puerto Rico license and proof of a water bill gas bill or any type of bill I'm not from here I'm only here for another couple weeks I've been visiting here and now I'm a tourist well how can a tourist have bills from here called me a Taurus but yet it makes no sense Walmart makes up their own rules and I think that they should totally be shut down on their money gram this vendor that send me money today is the same sender who sent me money last time and she has a very high position job and she's been pissed off because she had to go get the money back go back to Walmart and put money on my walmart card this is ridiculous you people out here at Walmart are racist ignorant jerks and you don't have to answer my questions and you don't have to be responsible for the actions your employees do according to you and your corporate people can sit behind a dam desk and ignore the people that spend lots of money at your store but this is not over this is just begun because you can't treat people like that you're racist I don't care if I'm in Puerto Rico a farm in Egypt it doesn't matter your customers are supposed to be treated right all your corporate people sit behind their desk and hide behind the phones are a secretary and the people out here are no better and I have set a goal in life to on a daily basis let people know how you've treated me and I am determined to get money gram pulled from your stores and you might not think I can do it but I know a few people who have some cold and this is my ultimate goal this way when a white person like me comes walking in the store again you can't call me a tourist and asked me for a gas bill for living for being in Puerto Rico that made no sense and all you corporate people are you doing stuff behind your desk you know what these people are being paid nothing that's why they don't care about their customers okay but Walmart you have this thing where you say excellent customer service your customer service suck and I'm going to make it a goal in my life on a daily basis to put out there about your two stores and how you do not make things right this was the last time I've been treated like *** and not been taken care of because walmart has their own rules for MoneyGram no I'm done

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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