I went to rerun the item and was a guy that he was the manager he it's 30 days refund policy I wanted to retun it after 20 days and the guy said its 14 days refund policy and he left I went to talk to him he just turned and ignore me , he's name was Wayne l he works at super center Walmart in Boise on overland , he ignored me 3 time and i told him I'm talking to u why r u turning around he said that all I can do !!!! I spend over 10 thousand in that Walmart and I wish I never did , I never ever shop in any Walmart in my life that's it , he was a raised he was doin it cuz I have black hair I could tell , any ways he didn't refund me , but I called my bank and got my money back ! It was no refund policy at the counter and I tell the guy ok write me something that there is no sign here and u won't give me money

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Caldwell, Idaho, United States #1211042

So.. your claim of having spent $10.000 in that store gives you the right to be mad because the employee didnt break the rules (risking getting himself fired) and give you special treatment?

Some people dont get it.. walmart employees do not care how much you spent there! Walmart employees get paid hourly and a walmart store is kinda like a porta potty on a construction site.. The guy cleaning it does not care if you use it or not...

but its the only game in town. You will be back to that store..

BTY, dont forget your blonde wig.. FACT: Not many people in Boise Idaho are Racist but most of us do have a low tolerance for ignorance, you must be getting peoples reactions to your ignorance confused with the color of your hair


please someone hit the poster with a dictionary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Orange, California, United States #903641

The reason he ignored you is because you were behaving like a child. When a child misbehaves they usually do it for attention and are ignored.

Sharon needs to learn how to read, electronic items are 14 days everything else basically is 30 days. How many times does a person have to tell you the same thing. After a while they get annoyed, you are not the center of the universe and they have other customers to deal with.

Next time take mommy shopping with you that way she can read the back of your receipt and as well as the policy at the returns desk. From your spelling and grammar it is apparent you cannot read and are a nine year old child.

Gallup, New Mexico, United States #903554

Just walk thru the store and quietly destroy as much merchandise as possible. fair is fair, get even. walmart needs to learn afew lessons


Of course this must have been racist because you have black hair, why didn't you describe yourself the rest of the way? Maybe your problem is that you could be hard to understand because of your poor spelling and grammar.

Elyria, Ohio, United States #903346


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