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No review...apology to all customers from a former employee. I'm a retired military veteran who was downsized at my great paying job. At 53, it's more difficult to find Employment. I desperately needed extra income and eventually got a position at Walmart...that's when I found out what they were all about, and eventually quit. I worked there for over 2 years...2 years to many! Here is what I came out of this experience knowing:

1) Customers are not their main priority...it's sales and promotion.

2) Employees are treated like cattle.

3) Management is a joke. Most Walmart Store Managers and Assistant Managers have worked there since high school...so they never actually attained any other work experience but retail in their own stores. They know retail, but have no "people skills. I was interviewed for my job by an Assustant Manager three years out of high school!

4) The recent pay raise they advertise on TV is a lie! Sure, the starting wage was increased, but the took away holiday pay and Sunday premium...so it all balanced out.

There are more to add, but you get the jest!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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So WM was all good while you were taking their money but now that you left they stink.

A real man would have raised these concerns from the inside and refused to take their money.