Yesterday (5/8/18) I went to my local Walmart (Miramar way, California, MD) to have some photos printed. According to the Associate, the 1 hour kiosks were "broken", so I left. Today (5/9/18) I went back and the Kiosks were working. Uploaded the photo I needed printed, and generated my order (8:46 am). On the receipt it said the prints would be ready at 10:00 am. There was also a sign on the counter that stated the photo dept. was closed and would be open in the MORNING (obviously left last night). So I ran a couple errands, came back at approx. 9:55 am. Since no one was there and the sign stated to pick up any photos in the Electronics Dept. I go to Electronics, and am told that they can't get my photos, "the machine hasn't been turned on". So I ask when I can get them, to this they said there is no one scheduled until 5:00 pm. This is absolute *** I ask to speak to the store manager, well, "he's off today", so I ask for the assistant manager. After waiting 20+ minutes, one of the assistant managers comes over, and explains "sorry but we don't have anyone coming in until 5:00 pm". While he was nice enough, I explained that this is definitely a "management issue that you have only one person in the entire *** store that can turn on the photo printer". While he was courteous, he didn't even offer any resolution except come back at 5:00 pm. He could have at least offered to print the photos on the Instant Kiosk and given them at the 1 hour price, or offered a small discount when I come back later.

Am I pissed?, YES I am!

At this point, Walmart can take the photos (I know they will get printed whenever someone does come in), and eat them. I know it's only a couple $$, but each time you lose a couple $$ it drives your cost up.

As a business owner myself I understand Customer Service, and "This aint it!"

I have been a Walmart customer for years, and while you may not give a *** if I ever come back, I don't *** care. I have been to other Walmart stores around the country, and this one seems to be pretty close to the bottom as far as customer service. Will I ever set foot in Walmart again? Don't know at this point. We do have other local options, and while the prices may be a little higher, customer service is MUCH better.

Feel free to contact me if you really care. If you don't contact me, it speaks volumes about Walmart's commitment to customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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They should have kicked you in the back end and out the front door


So what you’re saying is because they didn’t have someone working there YOU should get something for free? WOW!!!!!!!!

Hey mouth breather, YOU DESERVE NOTHING!!!!!!

A big fat NOTHING!!!! Get over yourself and move on.


OP:Do you Really think that Anyone would Want to address a complaint that is vulgar and too long to read?


Novel of a complaint.


That complaint is far too long and vulgar to read.

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