Chicago, Illinois

I reside in Chicago, I often patronize your store on Cicero and 31st Street. Today I went in to obtain some salt in preparation of this inclement weather we are having.

I was so pleased to see that some of your employees were so dedicated that they actually came in early to work but this one manager Kristen really ruffled my feathers when I over heard her telling her team members that was worried about this blizzard we're having and were requesting to leave a little early to make it home safely to catch the bus home, I politely left that store because I absolutely refused to spend money at a place that does not take the health and safety of their team members seriously. How dare she, SAFETY SHOULD ALWAYS BE FIRST PRIORITY!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You are only telling the part of the story that you overheard. Did they tell her she couldn't leave early?

Did she call in and say she didn't want to come in and was she told she had to come in? These are all things you don't know so quit acting like the proverbial "wet hen." In your complaint you indicate that you only heard the employee's side of the conversation. You don't know that the store managers don't care about the safety and welfare of their employees.

Really you should quit eavesdropping on private conversations.


I think she was talking to them in person, but I agree, if the op was evesdropping, then she easily could have missed part of the conversation. Maybe there was something else leading up to that point, like the associate saying she didn't want to lose any hours, but she was worried about making it home safely so the other associate suggested taking the bus. I just hope that no one at your homestead falls and hurts themselves on ice because you didn't care enough about their health and safety to buy the salt.