Claremore, Oklahoma
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Claremore Walmart: and some others I have been in. I really get angry when I'm trying to checkout at Wal mart in claremore ok.

When you are in the store any where from 5 to 8 pm it is nothing to take twenty minutes from the time you get in the checkout line until you get the reciept. There must be including self checkout 25 registers and maybe 5 of them have checkers at the register. I'm practically forced to shop here because of my wife who is under the delusion that everything's cheaper at Wal Mart. It's so disgusting that this multi billion dollar business along with its multi billion dollar a year owners are so cheap they won't use but a few 8 dollar an a hour workers who can't afford medical benefits to check people out quickly.

I bet that this is a system of reward to the manager if he does not use much labor then he gets a larger bonus.

One of these days I'm gonna finally convince her that anywhere else is better to shop at. RD Mullings

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Have your wife shop there then since she loves the store so much


She does, but there is a difference between women and men when it comes to shopping, woman like to stroll around, and window shop while shopping for things we need, they don't mind shopping, they talk with other customers, the cashier, employees. Men are different, we just want to go in and out fast.

We hate shopping, especially grocery shopping and clothing shopping. I know other stores like Kmart and Target have the same issue, but Walmart has the worse for this. I think I spend an extra six minute in line than I do at target on average. Don't even try to go there on Christmas time.

I refuse to go there during the holidays, and as for Black Friday, forget it.

It is not worth saving thousands of dollars, the people shopping there are animals, a few years ago I heard they stomped a greeter to death just to get indoors. These greeters I usually see are elderly and they stomped him to death all so they could be the first ones to save money on a television set or something else.


I have to disagree with you. My husband and I both shop at Walmart because they are a one stop shop, however, the part I disagree with is my husband likes to stroll around, window shop, look at things I know he's not going to buy and compare pricing and ingredients, etc.

I am the one that hat makes a list and want to get in and out as fast as I can. I will say this is more than likely the exception to the rule. And I can't stand their checkout lanes either.

Once upon a time when Sam Walton was alive it was a much better place. He didn't allow the stuff that goes on now way back when.