Clover, South Carolina
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The management at Kings Mountain are bullies the worst is M she has the talent to flip things, I think she would make a million as a used car sales person and has the manager there so fooled she would believe anything that came out of her mouth. The store manager could look at the cameras and see a fire and Martina would convenince her it was a rainbow.

You no the type you have met her kind in front of the manager she is mild and meek and could blow a hundred kisses and its all ok, then when no one is around she is a kneiving deceitful person you know her type.

She tells you watch your step shes been in managment for years and you look up the facts just got interview in 2014 and ask all her facebook friends to pray for her. Please stop using prayer for your needs use it to ask for forgiveness you know how you are.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I know whom you are speaking of and I'm sure you meant convince. I know what your speaking of very rude and disorderly.

I have witnessed her sleeping in her truck while on duty yes her lunch break but how unprofessional.

I witnessed her family up in the office on night with small baby door closed not doing what she is paid to do, other management is aware of her unprofessional behavior but lets her actions slide. The store will be a disaster if the corporate office doesnt get her in control.


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