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Walmart satisfied my complaint review.

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I bought a rifle from Walmart and asked the clerk that I wanted two boxes of ammo with it. It turns out she gave me .17 WMR ammo instead of the .17 HMR ammo that the rifle requires. Now I am stuck with two boxes of ammo at $31 that I can not even use.

I tried to talk to another clerk and finally a manager there, but got the same response that Walmart does not accept firearms or ammo due to liability issues should someone tamper with the product.

To me if this Walmart valued a long term customer with a major purchase like this, they should take back the product, destroy this product, and issue me the right product. I trusted the Walmart employee to sell me the right item.

Something I read online about Walmart returns that makes me more mad:

Wal-Mart firearms policy and customer satisfaction

For all of you who dislike Wal-Mart, this may change your opinion somewhat.

I work for Wal-Mart as a floor associate in the Sporting Goods Department. A man came into the store to buy a shotgun he had examined that morning, a Remington 870 12 ga pump.

I got the paperwork started for the 4473 and he said "I don't want the display model. I would like one new in the box."

I looked in the acquisition log and determined that we had one Remington 870 in stock for purchase. I went to the firearms vault and found the firearm and brought it back to the department.

When I got there I showed him the firearm but told him that he could not handle it because it did not have a trigger lock per company policy. He was okay with that.

We finished the paperwork, did the NICS check, which flew through, and he left with a manager to escort him to the door. (Wal-Mart policy is that only a manager can transport a firearm through the store.)

The next day, I get called into the office. The manager asked "Do you remember the shotgun you sold yesterday?"

"Yes" I replied.

He asked "What model was it?"

I answered "A Remington 870."

He asked "What gauge?"

I answered "Twelve gauge."

He then said "You gave him a twenty gauge."

I was astounded. I got a verbal "coaching" which is Wal-Mart's vernacular for being called on the carpet and disciplined.

It could have been worse; but since it was merely a procedural error and not a legal error I did not get a written coaching which could have ended with my termination.

Here's the rub. Wal-Mart will not refund, exchange, or allow the return of any firearm -- period. That left my customer stuck with an unwanted $300 firearm.

I offered to go with the customer to a local firearms broker and have him sell it to them and that I would make up anything they did not pay him so that he could buy the correct shotgun.

Management told me that I could not do that -- period. They said that they would try to find a way to resolve the problem.

I was off for two days and returned to work today. I asked my manager how they resolved the issue and he said "We gave him a free shotgun." He said the guy was astounded at the lengths we went to satisfy his problem. We also gave him a $25 gift card.

So now the guy has a 20 ga trap/skeet gun and a 12 ga goose gun, brand new in the box, all for $300 and a bit of patience. Did I mention that everyone involved said that he was an absolute gem of a guy?

Customer satisfaction is #1 with Wal-Mart. I would be willing to bet that he is one very happy customer and he is telling all of his friends about his positive experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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This is not an anger issue and I don't how anyone can arrive at that conclusion in this matter as described above by Anonymous #1117275. This was a complaint that was submitted and was corrected accordingly.

How does this pose as an anger issue? This complaint is not about anger issues. Under what logic are you trying to impose?

There is such a thing called righteous anger and it is normal. Go take your anti-gun, anti-angry theories, and belief system some where else.


If something makes you angry you should not be allowed to have a gun, we have too much gun violence due to people with anger issues like yourself in the country. The store that sold to you needs to be shut down and all the manager and employee fired for selling to you.