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I simply went in this am around 7:45am cst 7/29/16. While standing for over 15 minutes, I decided to ask for the mgr Mr.

Looft. Subsequently he came to assist and "train" an associate that should gave known how to function as a customer relationship person at the return counter. There were several people waiting b4 me also. When the "problem" escalated because "someone" didn't know how to make a simple money order,which they do EVERY DAY, and this person should have known how to do.

4 people including the assistant mgr showed up, but the asst, instead of helping others, turned around and went into an office, disregarding the rest of us, that were "paying" his salary. Then after ten more minutes, I asked Mr.Looft who his mgr was, and to write his name and phone on a paper and pen I provided him. He said it was Eric, and I should call the # on the receipt that I had with me. I asked him several times to do that, as I knew that the number on the receipt was NOT ERICS, but Mr.

LOOFTS store. Perhaps he didn't want further escalation of the VERY POOR SERVICE AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, which I pointed out to him by reading the posted sign on the wall.He became very upset and asked me to leave. I again reiterated that I wanted Erics #, and when he asked why, I stated that in the unlikely event that it went "SOUTH" with him, {which it did} that I wanted his Mgrs #. It went south from there and i took back my mdse to be returned for further ado.

The reason for the store visit was to simply return 2 items WITH the receipts, but when I saw many other "customers" waiting for whatever reasons, I made it my problem, instead of ignoring or waiting beyond the 35+ minutes in the store, when the store was least busy in the early amcst.

Perhaps Walmart has grown too large and doesn't care about their people that fund them. Also probably why they keep replacing Managers at this Mankato Mn store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Bentonville, Arkansas, United States #1194302

Please explain further, this is not making a whole lot of sense to me and many other people apparently. Thank you


Well, obviously all Walmart associates are born knowing how to do a money order, so obviously this associate was only pretending not to know in order to make you wait longer. And obviously there was absolutely nothing else going on in the store that could possibly need the other managers attention, so he obviously went into the office just to make your wait longer.

Aand obviously the phone number on the receipt would only connect you to Mr Looft,and there's no way you could have asked to speak with someone else, and of course the store managers personal phone number obviously should have been given to you so you could call and harass him with your tiny complaint at all hours. Because, of course, that's obviously what it takes to provide good customer service to someone such as yourself.

Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #1192304

Did you really think this through before you posted it or are you just going by your feelings on the matter? How ignorant of you to think that the employee should just automatically know how to do a money order.

Yes, they do money orders all the time. But it's obviously NOT the same employee every time a money order is done. Nor is every employee hired on the same day. The best training is experience, i.e.

hands on training. So maybe you should stop trying to make yourself look good on your pointless rant. You don't know the half of it. Also, the number to the store is obviously how you can get ahold of the manager.

You just have to ask. Acting like a child does nothing.

Houston, Texas, United States #1192260


I cannot make sense of your complaint.

to snugglegirl05 #1192271

The OP was waiting a long time for assistance at the customer service desk where apparently an untrained employee was manning the counter. The OP went and got the store manager and he kinda lost me after that.

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