At store 2576 in cross lanes wv i worked there for little over a year in produce. And just got fired for complete ***.

For beginners our store manager Lloyd Atkinson is a complete ***. He is completely rude treats everyone including customers like dogs. He has lawsuits against him by different people. And the only reason he is still a store manager is cause his uncle is up there on the walmart ladder.

And there is one of the assistant managers named lonnie Johnson who also treats everyone like dogs. He gets by with everything because of the color of his skin. He has threatened to fire me in tons of different occasions for bull reasons. One is for missing too many days because the state of wv was in a state of emergency because of heavy snow multiple times and the public buses didn't run and at the time was my only

transportation to work.

Which is against the law and should not be counted against the peron but it was for me. And then got the flu and went to the doctor and the doctor gave me an excuse for about a week. But the managers wanting me to come in and work anyway know that i had the flu. Why would i want to come in when i have the flu and deal with fresh food and customers.

That's a health violation right there. And the days i missed was counted against me even with a doctors excuse. And there is our produce department manager Donna Goodwin which is why i got fired. Heres the story the day before donna told me and someone else to take out the bad food to our organic dumpster and clean up the produce back room before noon.

Which i was the only one who did it amd the other perosn goofed off and then clocked out. And just left me to finish it. I got 95% of the bad food ready then went on my last break and come back and finish it and clean up everything. Then llyod went back there and started complaining about it and yelling at everyone and treating us like complete ***.

So i finished it and clocked out. Came back the next day to start my shift and lonnie and Donna called me back to the office and said i have bad attendance and a poor job performance and let me go.

And kept the other person. So store #2576 can kiss my ***.

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