Fremont, California
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I really want to say, Walmart (5644 store numbe) customer service is getting worse this days. I had incident with return.

(Christian -- supervisor and maryzol -- jewelry associate) They didn't take return because they were saying that item was missing something in return. The socking thing that when I brought the item, there was missing accessories in item. And they didn't take return even if there was mistake that they didn't check item when they sold to me. Moreover, they were confident of their self and employees.

And as result, they end up telling me that they can't take the item back and they were saying that was my mistake. Another incident on Same day, I asked to compare price with other store to get cheapest price because of walmart policies. There was manager called Maria. She was talking to me like I am her ***.

She doesn't know how to talk to customer.

She walked away while I was talking. The associates doesn't know which store they have to compare the price.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I am not saying it is right, but sometimes people walk away from others because they were rude, and why would you buy jewelry if it was missing parts?


Beause they offers me a disscount on it i got it for 25 percent off and than i went to the store and said i lost the recipe and asked for full price and they said they could nt give me anything cause parts are missing i said if I get the recipe can you give me the money back they said no parts are missing. so I could not get more money full price and make a proficy nor could i get the money i spent, if i did not know i would get full price for it i would not have bougt it, i was hoping to make a proficy.


They said they check any jewelry items before they sold. When I brought jewelry, as far as I remember, they didn't even check the jewelry item because they were reallly busy and I believe, it was thanksgiving & Black Friday sale when I got it.