Gallatin, Tennessee

I am 66 and clearly old enough to buy cigs but wamart cards everyone mattet of age, it is their policy. I wanted to tell the floor manager how annoying this is not expecting it to change.

She actually clapped sarcastically at my age and said it was law. It is Not the law, it is their policy.

She continued to argue with me.the law states anyone appearing less than 27 must be carded. She was argumentive, rude and did not display good customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Instead of getting upset, you should be flattered that they think you look young enough to card. I really don't understand the issue people have with getting carded anyway.

You probably already have you're wallet out to pay anyway. How inconvenient could it be to just show the id?


Also doing her job does not make her rude, more proof that you are a child mistaking not having your way as rudeness. If you were really legal age you would have no issue showing your ID.


Nice try, but you are not 66, you are a child, just look at the way complaint was posted. No one believes you are an adult.


It shouldn't annoy you. It's not your butt that's on the line, it's theirs. A good cashier cards people, no matter which store.