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Walmart Simpsonville south carolina

A csm named Cassandra does not give a employee a lunch break he is due after being there almost 6 hours on job. He was suspose to have it at 2 due to fact he got there at 10 am.

Every two hours workers scheduled for an 8 hour shift should be allowed a break. And an 30 minute to an hour lunch break by the fifth hour. Cassandra does not fallow these rules. She picks favorites.

This employee has been treated badly by her for many months now and nothing has been done about it.

She must be stopped. Management and scheduling department is terriable at this store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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First of all, eventhough lunch breaks are usually scheduled for the middle of the shift, associates can work up to six hours before a lunch break is required. Second of all, if an associate comes up on six hours without taking a lunch break, when they sign into the register it will say something to the effect of: associate reaching lockout, and after six hours they won't be able to log into the register at all (if the csm is in charge of this associates breaks, I would assume they are a cashier, though they may be a cart attendant).

Third, if this CSM is allowing the associate to go over their six hours without a lunch, the next day their name would show up on a report showing they had a meal exception. That report is viewed by HR and upper management as well as home office, so it's not believable that the same exception would happen again and again for months. However, since you state that it was "almost" six hours, this is all moot since, as I previously stated, it is neither illegal, nor a policy violation unless they go over six hours without getting off the clock for at least thirty minutes.

Of course, it would be ideal to have a break every two hours on the dot with a lunch break right in the middle, but ideal and possible are not the same thing. I worked at walmart briefly while I was in school, by the way.


Retail workers aren't allowed to take breaks or lunches or else customers will whine and cry because they have to wait 30 extra seconds. Customers think retail workers are mindless robots who don't have families or hunger needs.