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I was at your one of your stores in the good old United States. I was asking someone whom I know woh works there for help.

I knew she worke there even though whe ws not wearing her uniform, and i asked if she worked there and she said not right now. i asked her for help and she aid she is on her break, and i told her she works here it does not matter if she is onbreak she has to helo me. she refused to helpo me perhaps because i am black??? anyways i went to the manager and he said the same thing that when the employee was on break they are nqo required to hel and by company police they are nto supposed to hep.

basically they did not want me to help me because i am black. this is not the rist time that this has happened another time this white girl was helping another white man and i asked for help too and she did not help, and when i went to complain to the maager she ad the rasist white man said that i interupted and my question was fast and he needed a long time to get his help. she just did not wnt to help me because i am black. the second time when i sid he emoloye was rasist he told me to leave the wrots if i am going to accuse people of rasism when they are rasistn he said this was not rasist but they don't have to help me if they are on break or helping soeone eles.

I said that theyd do because they work here and get paid and he said they dot and called sekurity to asked me to leave. I left and tld everyone while they were taking me out of the store that this is a rASIST STOTE.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Rasist.

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This is not racism. Learn how to spell. Go back to Africa if you are going to play the race card when things do not go your way.


It's not because you're black, it's because you act like an a..h...

Stop your dumb *** crying and get over it


not to be rude, but even though we have breaks and lunches, yes we can still help customers, however.. we then have to time adjust so we get paid for that time helping, and if we are off the clock helping a customer and not getting paid for it is a possible termination from employment.


She does not care if someone is on their break. I think it is up to you to decide.

But she does not care that you get fired. All she cares about is she is black and she thinks she should be treated like a queen because she is black, and if she does not she plays the race card. She needs to go back to her country if she is going to play the race card when she does not get her way.

How would she like it if we went to her house uninvited, took a dump on her couch and accused her of racism when she asked us to leave saying she is only asking us to leave because we are white.


Life is tough. Especially when you cannot adequately articulate/compose a brief complaint.

I suggest you find someone to put into English what you are really trying to communicate. Crying "poor, little old me" is rather tiresome.


Crying racism when you don't get your way is NOT the way to get any help. You were being rude interrupting an employee with another customer, and I have asked employees for help myself and have been told they are on break but will get someone.

Quit thinking your are entitled to special treatment because of your skin color. It doesn't work anymore.


This is your typical black person, playing the race card if they don't get special treatment, not realizing that this is also discrimination. They benefit form this discrimination so they don't play the race card.


what about you and the race card? you claim to be 17.

magguts don't live that long. figure that one out, kevin.