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Update by user Jan 14, 2016

Someone on this site is obviously jobless why in the *** are you posting reviews in my name and adding stories that are not true and whoever the anonymous responder is must be the person doing this. It is criminal if you are bold enough why not put ur name on the reply you and whomever is posing as Racheal and saying the issue has been resolved are both crazy and idiots. Pissedconsumer.com needs to *** fools and crooks like you out.

Original review posted by user Jan 13, 2016

Where do I begin? I am highly dissapointed I hear terrible reviews about walmart but did not believe them. Now I am a believer of the terrible and horrible customer service at Walmart I can't imagine how they ignore all this bad reviews written by customers about them. I have been a faithful walmart shopper for over 15 years and it's been all good. But recently I and my friends have notice the hostile and rude customer service. I had purchased a wii starter game for my kids on the 24th of December. I went to Walmart to return the item but their system rejected it and said it was purchased 35 days ago. I informed the store supervisor that I had the receipt on my phone but she insisted she needs the physical receipt. I ask to speak to the manager to explain that the item was not purchased 35 days ago. And associate mumble something over the phone and said she don't know if the manager is coming. She stood at the counter for a minute and told another associate that she was going on her lunch break. The manager never showed up. Another associate called out to a staff member and asked him if he could help me. The staff member asked me to follow him on our way to where he did not mention we came across the store manager assistant. She told me she could not help me that is is a new system that Walmart developed.

I called the headquarters customer service but that was a waste of time. This is ridiculous.

Racheal wrote the review because of poor customer service at Walmart and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Walmart to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

Also, this reviewer considered the following company: Target. We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Walmart and walmart manager for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.


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If you so claim to be one of the administrator of this site then I think.You are the one that has been going behind me to type up those messages.

I came to this website for help and I am so disgusted at all this that is going on. For one my kids are not old enough to be on any internet or website typing up ***. Contact me personally you have my email address if you are the self claimed administrator. Rubbish.

And you can band me from the nightmare you call a website.Administrator my foot.

to Racheal #1095163

Now stop lying, if your children did not post that comment you obviously did, even the admin stated this, and you still lie.I feel bad for your children having to deal with you.

Why not get off of this site and stop posting, you are obviously very immature, I bet your children are more mature than you are.Also it is spelled banned, not band, but since I pointed out your spelling error you are probably going to lie again and say someone else posted this.

to Anonymous #1095169

You are right and we have contacted her regarding her infringing the rules of the site, either she blocked us or is not getting our emails, or again she could be lying. She seems very good at that.

to Anonymous Ontario, Canada #1095912

Pissed consumer mod, yeah, you smell so much of BS, if you really are the mod of this site why not clean it up a little, you allow cyber bullying, harassment, making fun of people with disabilities, innuendo, impersonation, the list goes on. You ban the innocent and let the bullies and impostors re offend without any consequences. You chase people from your very own website from allowing this to go on.

to Anonymous Chandler, Oklahoma, United States #1178085

Oh boy, here you go again calling people names, anonymous you are a clown, how in the *** did you ever get a job working with people, you are a nightmare. Zack is right, you make this site a joke.

Next I would give a word of warning to all of of you who post here to never, ever put your names down or any contact info, you have no idea as to how this info will be given too or used.

I shudder to think how this poor woman and her kids have been abused and you have the nerve to make it even worse, shame on you and the store you work for.

to Anonymous Chandler, Oklahoma, United States #1178081

Anonymos you sound like a total ***, I would hope to *** your not in customer service at any store not just Walmart.To ridicule a customer or to use words like "bet" tell me you don't have any facts to defend your statements at all, to call someone negative names is also rude and immature on your part.

You then go on to a spelling correction which tells me you are a "nit picker" and could give a flying flip about the truth, you are biased to say the least

If you in fact do work for any customer service department I would advise them to put you back in stock unloading truck where you can not do any harm.


What in the world is going on here?????

Who the heck is posting this false reviews and responding under my name.

This must be some kind of joke is this a serious website or what????

to Racheal #1094899

You posted those replies yourself. You changed your story, then when someone pointed this out you claimed someone is posting under your username.

to Racheal Ontario, Canada #1095166

Congratulations, you came to a website that allows this kind of stuff, not only does it allow people to post any username without signing up, it also allows users to harass, belittle, and bully others members of the site.This site is a joke, and I posted a review telling everyone what a joke this site is and they banned my account and deleted my review.

You can post complaints all you want about other companies, but once you post a negative comment or complaint about this website itself it is deleted and you are banned. There is one member that does this, goes by names like Kevin Richards, thissitesucks2015, fistedface and unfairhiringprastices. The people running this site will delete comments in such a way that you are the one that looks guilty. I suspect this Kevin Richards guy works for the site or has friend working for the site.

This site should have been shut down a long time ago since it allows, impersonation, bullying, harassment. You are even allowed to harass disabled people, yet if you tell poor Kevin off for harassing them in one of his accounts his feelings are hurt and the administrators delete the comments so he does not cry to mommy.

Search Kevin Richards on reviews and you will see what I am talking about.Come back here if you want a chat room but not to write a review, you will be impersonated, harassed, bullied ect and the administrators will do nothing about it.


The worst part of all this was I was punishing my children by returning their favorite Christmas gift.My *** daughter came home from school with an A minus on a math test.

Because of one child I had to punish them all. Math is my child's favorite subject and she should have gotten an A+. When it comes to school I expect nothing below an A average or they are punished. I do not want to raise dummies, and when I told my daughter he was a dummy she told me she got the second highest mark in the class.

I told her math is her favorite subject and she should have had the highest mark in the class and an A+.

When I called her a dummy she started crying and I was disgusted that instead of just taking the game until her marks improve I was going to return it.So they also undermined my parenting by not allowing the return.

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