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I purchased a battery and was charged a $12.00 core charge. I returned my used battery and was credited back my $12.00. All is fine.

The battery I purchased was the wrong one so I returned it. They credited my card for the purchase of the battery only. I proceeded to purchase the correct battery and the cashier wanted to charge me a $12.00 core charge. I told him it was a replacement for a wrong battery I purchased earlier in the day. We went to Customer Service and the cashier agreed that Walmart had to charge the $12.00 core charge. I asked to speak to the manager and was assisted by the assistant store manager "Don". I explained the citation to him and he also stated that Walmart has to charge the core charge.

Now if this is one of the ways Walmarts needs to make money then I don't need to do business here. But I do think that no one in that store was or is qualified to be a manager when they can't even figure out a credit. As I see it I DID NOT purchase the correct battery and Walmart did credit me for the wrong battery I purchased, but I'm still out $12.00 now for the return of the purchase of the wrong battery. Give this scenario to one of your business personnel and see if they can come up with the correct answer. Then educate your store managers

Thank you for your time

Dennis Virostko

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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It seems like you are the uneducated one, you said yourself you got the $12 credited to you. Then they charged you $12 again after crediting you for the wrong battery after crediting you the money.

This is simple third grade math. Then again you are not very bright, you did after all get the wrong battery.