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I've shopped at Walmart at least 3-4 times a week. I've seen employees who just had a bad day, but today, will be the last, and that is the least of it. Long story short, my husband, african american, Engineer, ect asked for a refund because he spent 2 hours, 3 separate times of in and out all trying to buy a starter pack of e cigarettes. He got frustrated, I went in to try to help...the girl at cs register was treating him like he stole something, which made it worse, she snuck off to get supposed manager, and he basically told my husband (usually super restrained, highly educated) to get out because he cursed after being humiliated for 15 minutes. So I stayed, they said they would refund his money to me. As soon as he walked out, the girl behind register started lying sayi g my hubby called her this and that, used 2 racial slurs to my face, I'm caucasion and married 15 yrs, the manager threw the bag at me, (verbally assaulted me and threatened to call police if I didn't get out and refused my refund.)

NEVER IN MY LIFE HAS MY CIVIL RIGHTS, NOT TO MENTION SEVERAL OTHER CRIMES been initiated against us to our face. They must wrongly assume that complaints go nowhere, well meet an educated woman who will not let this be sweept under a rug.

Its an unfortunate day when uneducated hate is allowed by such a company as Wal-Mart.

The difference is that this time, the hate was spewed to my face, thinking that .50 cent Walmart badge gave them the authority to violate my civil rights not to mention others...on top of horrible 'customer service'.

I will NEVER visit ANY Walmart, ever again unless this disregard of human decent conduct is addressed, an apology recieved, as well as any other options available to me. This is the most disgusting show of ignorance on the part of 2 employees in particular. I'm shocked, angry and definately will discuss with the Executive Offices.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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These e cigarettes are hard to sell to people. I know!

They usually end up coming back to the store because the user can't read the instructions on how to use them. And, if you never used them before, it is really hard, because the customer expects you to be an expert on how to use, and clean and recharge them. All I can say, is read the instructions, and try to be easy on people, because they may not have a clue about this product...

And, that having been said.. Your hubby cursed at the clerk?

LOL! Then you bring the race card into play?

Guess what! I got no sympathy for you!


I find it amusing how you constantly refer to yourself as well educated and try to sound as though walmart and anybody else who *** you off should watch out because you are a well educated Caucasian woman married 15 years to an African American engineer so everyone should fear you. I feel positive that there is so much more to this tale than what you are saying.

Furthermore, Walmart has cameras all over their stores and record videos all day everyday. If as you say, you're civil rights were violated and the manager and/ or cashier threw anything at you or assaulted you in anyway, it has been recorded and will be viewed by the authorities. I don't see what you, your husband or anybody else's race, level of education or employment status has to do with anything since you find you have to repeat it every sentence.

They didn't give you a refund and I'm sure they had reasons for that, just as I am sure that you, your husband or the both of you together started a big fuss over it and caused the issue to escalate and now you want to get even and are completely over exaggerating the whole incident. You mention that you expect an apology and any other options that are available to you.

Looks like you are after a payout. Oh and just saying, since as you have repeated many times over how highly educated you and your hubby are, you both do realize then that "snuck" is not a real word right???


If youd like my name email me at


Call 1800walmart talk to them and i guarantee you heads will roll. Oh and dont pay attention to the walmart damage control people that post on your your page.

Its their job to further verbally abuse you harass and intimidate you.

As far as your name its your right to be anonymous. As far as walmart well what can you say.


I bet there is a lot more to this story than is being told here. If you are so positive you and your husband are right, why didn't you use your name in your complaint.


It must suck to constantly think about race.


Not really, because I dont. Educated people with careers have more to contribute than the ignorances of those who don't have the guts or courage to LIVE their lives, not the lives of society. Everyone has a limit...people need to get a life n stay out of where they don't belong bcuz of no understanding.


Sorry, this occurred in Cleveland, Texas.


It seems to be regular occurrence, however, their are many more good people than those with limited smarts...thnx