I actually work at walmart i use to love going to work, now i dont even wanna get out of bed the way managers treat us i understand having respect for ur manager but the way they mistreat us and evryone is so afraid of saying anything cause there scared of loosing their job it makes me cry all the time never get appreciated never get anything just treats if u dont get this done evryone is going to be coached smh i hate walmart n im trying tt find another job cause im not gonna keep being mistreated...

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Orange, California, United States #935992

You want another job work you your spelling and grammar, because with this only places that will hire you are retail and fast food, that is if you are lucky. I am surprised even Walmart hired you. Even these jobs required the some form of education which you do not have.

Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #935910

Just remember that you have a job. You get to pay your bills.

Well, some of them. It's something though, and it can always be worse. Also remember that your boss has a boss. There must be some sort of open door policy or some *** like that.

The way you type this makes me question you as well.


From the way you spell and use punctuation, I highly doubt you are old enough to be working. There isn't any word such as "wanna." There isn't a word spelled "ur" or "u." If you are crying all the time that is a sure sign you aren't mature enough to be working.

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