Today I had an Appointment at my Childs Dentistry. Said I had to not bottle Feed my baby no more because of hes teeth.

So after my appointment went To Nearest Walmart; Cary. I was looking for transitioning bottle to cup came across NUK 10oz Cup was the only one there in the bottle came across another one damaged so I went to Checkout in Aile 25 if im not mistaking the last aile He Man couldnt help me when i asked hem to give me discount told me Manager was in a Meeting so recommended me to go to Costumer Services walked fine arrived there waited Patiently in Line until she acknowlwdge me was sitting in Chair. Then i asked her if i could a discount of the packaging and she RUDELY REPLY WE DONT GIVE DISCOUNT ONLY IF THE MERCHANDISE IS BROKEN. But didn't argue with her So I Paid for 2 NUK Active Cup and a Lunch Bag For My Son.

I came out really upset. Being thats my Walmart i always go.

For my Grocery. Its just Sad that couldnt help me being im a Loyal Costumer there!

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All 3 of y'all shut up.

to Anonymous #1100126

You need to get a job like we all suggested, or stop having children if you cannot take care of them financially.


What you need to do is go back to school, I suggest you start at the third grade since that is generally education level with your spelling and grammar, get a job so you can afford to feed your baby. You are not entitled to a discount, and telling you no is not the same as being rude.


Learn to type and spell ***. I hope you loose your kid and that you die.


get a life, crying for a discount . there is no law requiring a discount on merchandise that is broken.

for all the employee knows you could have broken it to try and get the discount.

those people at Walmart make 8 bucks an hour and have to deal with someone crying for a discount , the cashier has no power to lower the price. just buy one not broken or go somewhere else.

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