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Tonight at the Walmart Food Market off 91st And Delware Tulsa Ok, As soon as I go inside and I am at shampoo section I notice a worker staring right at me for over 3-4 mins and so I go up her say is their a problem she says No but I say well you have been staring at me over 4mins and you also whispered in managers ear something while both staring at me and she says I was just observing customers I said more like you excluded just one customer and rest of shopping trip which i was followed by 4 different people so i went to checkout afterwards because after the *** obvious employees just happen to just show up at place that was halfway from where they were stationed at and oddly I was trying on sun glasses for about a minute and this older guy in *** regular clothing had come past me 4xs in under 4 minutes, And once I went towards Frozen Food Section he had come down isle again and did'nt hide the fact that he was watching me, By then I walked up too the checkout lane and it was a young kid and I complained and expressed how I was going to publish a unkown complaint in the Jenks Jounal which Jenks,Glenpool,Bixby,And Sapaulpa recieve it also and said oh it will be in paper because I am also the volenteer writer which I get final decisons, He says I don't know what happened but we dont do those types of things, Well right then that fugly ugly plain clothes man crosses again Staring whole time walking straight and I said oh after the two walmart employees stalked me this guy was up my butt, And the whole 10 mins he never had anything in hands or a shopping cart so I know he is employee for you, And he says I dont know who he is and he isn't a employee of Walmart, Which I knew was crock of shi# because as he said that that and i had already paid but needed put bags back in my cart, The troll manager had been whispering into another employee ears and once I started to be almost finished getting my bags she comes over and says me in a hateful tone, As well as ugly look on her face is their a problem I can help you with, Which made no sense because I spoke with low tone and she was like 4 lanes away but I said no theirs nothing, and no problem needing the assitance of you, And I then I proceeded to go past the doors and I noticed once I was about 7 steps to my car when I just so happen see the hateful manager and another guy who looked like Business Manger in slacks and a dressy long sleeve shirt, They were standing in where shopping carts and Redbox is located talking, pointed towards me once and I get into my car to leave but had gotten call and so I sat there for at least 4-5 mins, Well they were still talking,and stalking me because they moved into path of the exit to street and Once I finally left thats when the Man had stepped outside on there curb, while she stayed just 3 steps away, And thats when I seen them writting something once I pulled out of there property, But what I don't understand how is if I was going steal something,or assumed I had stolen something then why is it when I had asked wtf was going on and why was I being stalked by you both, And yet answer always was oh I'm sorry but we don't do that to customers whice is bs, I've never noticed the overwhelming, violated customers rights and or contacting police or even ask me follow then into room to check my purse but instead they felt making someone sick to tummy, and feel singled out and labeled as thief, I want advice about what can I do, And is it bad to use and publish bad story, And last I need know is what do you think they were up too and is this the procedure for suspected shop lifters.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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You need to get back on your meds.


They must have been staring at you hoping you will put back the condoms you shoved in your pocket.

@King Alex

Speaking of condoms, her parents should have used one themselves.




Paranoid, much? And if you're a volunteer writer, I have to wonder about your audience because you don't make a lick of sense.