Pine Hills, Florida
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The manager, Cameron, was grossly incompetent as a manager. You could tell he was far too young anx inexperienced to be a manager.

I needed help in the sporting goods section. Cameron comes back to that section with a scowl on his face. I asked him to get me some 9 mm ammo out of the case. While he was opening the cabinet I asked him about some 20 gauge ammo he had.

I didn't even have time to finish my question when he cut me off with "I don't know." As he handed me the ammo I asked him if I could look at a gun in the display case. He said that he wouldnt sell me a gun until 7am because the gun cases were armed until then. It was 6:57 a.m.! He then proceded to just walk off.

I was absolutely planning on buying that gun but decided against it.

This walmart in Cartersville, ga does not deserve my business. Avoid this walmart at all costs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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6:57 isn't 7:00. The case was armed until 7:00, not 6:57.

I've been in a Walmart when someone opened the case when it was armed and trust me, you don't want it to happen. I thought it was going to damage my ear drums the alarm was so loud. It sounded for a very long time too because, as the employees told me, they cannot turn it off at store level. They have to wait for someone from home office to call the store to make sure everything is ok then they turn it off remotely from home office.

Also, if you had waited until 7:00 (three minutes wouldn't have killed you), more than likely the department manager would have been coming in to work because that's when most of them arrive. I'm sure he or she would have been able to answer your ammo questions in more detail.

First B

But he wanted to rob the bank right away and get away with his escape driver. You know that bank across from Walmart.

He could not keep his get away driver waiting. They were parked in front of a fire hydrant and would get a ticket. There could be any reason he was in a rush.

We don't know. My scenario seems most likely.


First off, just because someone works somewhere does not mean they know everything about everything. Do you know everything about everything at your job?

He is the manager, not the sporting goods associate.

Second, 6:57 is not 7:00. What part of armed until 7 do you not get? There is probably a state law about the sale of firearms at specific hours just like lottery and alcohol.

Don't be a ***.

Someday, this man might be your customer. You would not want him to harass you at your job would you?


I am glad that you did not buy the gun. With your anger you would probably shoot someone with it or rob a bank or something. Someone as angry as you does not need a gun.