Sulphur Springs, Texas
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My name sherry cotten i spend lots of money in sulphur spring, texas walmart. Tonight i go in your Wal-Mart to order a mother's day ring for my daughter at 8:15 tonight cause I no jewerly Dept closes at 9:00.

Young lady not trained how to take my order so we call management over (jimmy) rudest manager ever. Then another manager comes over. Now these men have 40 years experience between them. Now rude jimmy tells me to come back tomorrow so I ask you can't take the order for me your a manager and he says NO rudely while walking away from me saying I tried to help you.

No you didn't had to follow him just till he gave me he name saying 800 walmart will help me when he says good luck with that there not going to help you... so I need a call to me please 9032431433 to file my complaint.

It's christmas have people that no what there doing to make that sale. Thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Get off your high horse, lady. Cleary the worker got off work early so the department was shut down a bit earlier...amazing but it does happen.

Come back in the day time and not 45 minutes before YOU think it should close.

And I have to agree get over your tantrum of being told no...that's not rude service its a *** fact.

So you can't get it done...come back end of story don't pitch a fit. Why are people so entitled these days they think just because they say it so its gonna go POOF and happen?!

This is why 'customer is always right' has long since died!


Sigh, here we go again mistaking being told no as rude behavior.