I work at walmart in pell city alabama (store number 5113) and the store manager Mike is a joke because he lets the other managers schedule you out of your availbility and when you go to him about it he says too bad and ge lets alot of things happen there. Theres another manager there named Rick Mays and he talks to all of his employees like there worthless dogs and he will actually harrass you because your not in the boys club with the others and when you try to talk to him about something important he will get mean and hateful and act like hes doing something and cut you off and tell you to go on. Something really needa tobe done about him because he has caused other employees there on 3rd shift to have strokes there and miscarriages there because he will make the expectant mothers to pick up and carry boxes which is over 30lbs

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It is like that all over. Working for Walmart sucks!


Oh please. Women used to chop fire wood and plow fields while pregnant. Lifting thirty pounds didn't make anyone miscarry.

to Anonymous Galion, Ohio, United States #952883

I think you should go to the Walmart Complaint department. No-one should have to be treated with disrespect.

You are already being underpaid. This person needs to be held accountable. Take him off the pedestal that you have him on and give him a reality check. ANONYMOUS!!!!!



Oh you poor baby, whining because you aren't one of the manager's favorites. That happens all over.

All managers have favorites. You have no way of proofing the pregnant women miscarried because of what they had to lift, or that the work required caused a stroke. Strokes are caused be pre-existing conditions, and if a person knows they have these pre-existing conditions they should find a job that isn't so demanding. Miscarriages happen for a reason, not what the pregnant woman does.

What about a woman that has other small children and for one reason or another picks up and carries a kid that weighs 30-40 pounds. It does happen. There again if a woman has a high risk pregnancy, it is up to her to take care of herself.

Get a different job or just plain quit. In the meantime if you are so unhappy at WalMart quit and get a different job.

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