Tampa, Florida
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Went to walmart in lake jackson while on the way in my daughter who is seventeen and barly weighs a hundred lbs flip flop broke so she got in a bugy and her boyfriend pushed her through the store we got her shoes as well as other items. And the registers were backed up we stayed in line a good fifteen min.

The lady named judy was checking and very slow. We had an item with no scan code and she told us then told my daughter she needed to get out of the bugy

I told her her shoe broke thats why we were buying the shoes and i had passed many manager thoughout the store who said nothing

She snached the shoes up and through them in the bugy . and pointed at my total. And did not get price for the item without scan code just took it out of my purchace.

Did not say thank u or anything. Very rude and slow clerk

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Many things wrong done here. As a front end zms I would have fired the cashier for the way she acted after she told her to get out of the cart.

Shame on the managers foe not saying anything. That does not negate a cashier from asking though hence all employees are responsible for safety in the stores.

Then last but not least your daughter should have been asked why she was in the car previously then asked to leave the store because it is a safety violation on our part if customers do not have shoes on. All the employees that passed you should be held responsible in some sense.


Cashiers are rude sometimes because they have to put up with the low life, disgusteeng, grosss, vulger, pathetik public animals on a daily basis. I know because I use to be one.

The human garbige that walmart lets through the door is disgrassful.

That's what you get when you sell cheap chinnacrapp. Misspelled for moderation reason.