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Like · 20 minutes agoJennifer BensteadI have faxed letters to your ceo and contacted your ethics hotline conplaint#WMT 14101013 but received no help. I was bullied and abused by your manager Linda and co workers Paige and Shereen.

I told my managers Sherry and Melissa who did nothing about it. Then I was wrongfully terminated Oct 8 at 11pm and I had to take a cab home (as the buses had quit running) which cost $28.74. According to Sherry (manager at store#3160) she and Deanne another manager had discussed terminating me between 7-9am in their meeting ;yet they didnt call me to let me come in earlier to have this discussion or let me know about it till 11pm. When I brought up my concern to Sherry the manager she says to me " well we dont know how our employees get to work"?.

Its bad enougy that Deanne and the management team allowed me to be bullied on the job and did nothing about it. Then did not give me proper training and so they held it against me when acording to them I was not able to do the job properly.

But this is the straw that broke the proverbial camels back. To make an employee come all the way to work on the bus at 11pm when it was unnecessary, cause they knew all day long that I was gonna be fired.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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"well my Television shows ends at 10pm so I cannot do that." With all due respect I think you have provided enough information to be a good indicator of why you were terminated. It is apparent that you find your T.V.

shows more important than showing up at work. Insulting to other commenters here leads me to believe that this is how you handled similar situations at work. BTW, a PVR/DVR which they sell at Walmart would have allowed you to watch your shows and be at work on time.

An added bonus is that you can skip commercials. A few changes maybe will help you to stay employed.

First B

Well if it took a few hours to decide to fire you, you probably ended your shift, so they cannot fire you over the phone.


What did you do to be terminated. Think of it this way, now you don`t have to worry about the bus fair you had to spend coming to and from work.


I was terminated unfairly as I started, do you not know how to read. I came in late a few times and Linda bullied me for it.

Can`t help it if the bus is supposed to arrive at 10:58 and It takes me ten minutes to walk to the store to clock in. Linda bullied me and said that is not an excuse, that I should take an earlier bus, well my Television shows ends at 10pm so I cannot do that.

Now let me get to those two *** Shereen and Paige, I saw pizza pops in the fridge for three days. (one of those 8 or 12 packs right) I thought no one was eating them.

So I took them for my break, and I had no idea they belonged to Paige, I thought someone had forgotten about them. So I took two and ate them thinking someone forgot about them. Paige and her friend Shereen got angry and started bullying me. I tried to explain to these *** that I had no idea that the pizza was someones I thought that they simply forgot about it.

The issue was with Paige and both Shereen and Paige ganged up against me. I reported this to the manager, Sherry and Melissa and they did nothing to these bullies. She simply said that I had no right to take other people`s food from the fridge. When I pointed out that the box was there for three days and that Paige should have put her name on it she said that is not the issue and bullied me into buying a new box of pizza pops for her.

Why should I have to buy a whole box when I only ate two.

Since these two managers did nothing I talked to Deanne and she too did nothing. They told me they fired me for coming in late constantly and not doing my job properly.