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I live in Woodland CA. And I went shopping at Walmart on 11/19/14.

Well attempted I got a cart put my purse in the seat part went picked up some thermals and Sox from men's department and finished my shopping. Before checking out I stopped at the hardware dept. Where I was approached by the manager he asked are you planning on paying for those Sox? I said yes and kept looking for what I needed.

When he turned around and told me come with me please. For what may I ask. He said shop lifting. The Sox I picked up ended up ON TOP of my open purse.

Not in my purse on top of my purse. I even had money in hand. He took me into some room and made me sign a paper about trespassing and not coming back to the store.... REALLY......

I was treated like an everyday criminal by this manager andvibwant something done about it. Who do I contact

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Wel, why were the sox on top of your open purse and why did you have cash in your hand, when you weren't at the checkout counters. Sounds fishy to me.