Cleveland, Ohio

I went to the Walmart in Mansfield,Ohio to purchase a laptop for $249.00. I arrived at 10:00pm the sale started at midnight I asked an associate were the line for the laptop was at and was told that they were already sold out.

How can a product be sold out two hours before the sale begins? Not to mention how overly crowded it was we could not even move. I will not ever shop at Walmart again they have no managerial expertise and retarded help.

I don't think its fair to advertise a time and not hold true to thier advertisement not to mention that the checkout line was going in every direction. *** poor management and very disorganized from the start.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Advertisement.

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WTF? Does poster 1 and 3 work at Walmart or something?

Or do they work for that place that cleans up your internet reputation for so much money? In any case they got no right saying anything about someone who is calling out anyone for doing something dumb.

If the sale starts at a certain time then don't *** be giving out stuff BEFORE that time or it pointless to say, "There is a sale at x time" DUH!!! I've seen so many bad judgement calls at Walmart by now that I'm used to it and the ONLY people more *** than their electronics people are Best Buy sales people, the difference being that Wal-tards are 95% *** and Best Buy Zombies are COMPLETELY gone and tell you to buy stuff because "it's COOL!"


If they only had 20 laptops, as soon as 20 people line up for that laptop, YOU AREN'T GETTING ONE REGARDLESS OF WHEN THEY SELL THEM. They sell them early to avoid the stampedes that can get people killed by a herd of idiots.

I agree with the previous poster, you have a complete lack of common sense.

Bottom line is you showed up too late. You'll never shop at Wal-Mart again?

Lol! I'm sure you'll be back there tomorrow after you find out that you're just a whiney baby and not a consumer with a valid complaint.


I agree! Their advertising is misleading.

After reading other reviews, it sounds like Walmart has been using these same unfair practices for the past few years. I experienced the same practice in Poway, CA. Fortunately, I left Walmart and went to the Poway, CA Target. The sales associates were much more courteous and helpful and I found siilar item at the same prices.

If their is a Target in your area, try there first next time. Much better business practices.


You have a *** poor excuse for lack of common sense. If the store was that busy when you got there then that means you had NO chance of getting the laptop anyway. So get over it and quit crying big baby!

:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry