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I brought 3 chicken Caesar salad from Walmart. When I was mixing the salad dressing I found big stem pieces not just 1 or 2.

1 of my salads had three pieces in it. Which made me wonder if somebody was doing it on purpose to weigh the salad down. These are the salad that are in the plastic containers.

They changed the packaging recently and that's when I start noticing this. I used to buy these for work not anymore.

Product or Service Mentioned: Marketside Chicken Caesar Salad.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Walmart Pros: There is something there for everyone.

Walmart Cons: Staff.

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I have purchased this salad many times over the years. I have hoped the salad would improve, it absolutely has not.

I spend too much time picking and throwing out the large stem pieces as well as the brown aging lettuce.

I come to the same conclusion every time- quit purchasing this garbage. I should just spend the time cutting my own lettuce instead of searching for the endless poor lettuce that is thoughtlessly tossed in the mix.

@Sherry know you have experienced this too and keep thinking, oh eventually someone will get this right- not!!!!!


All of my savings catcher bucks disappeared. Over $90.

I am furious. How do I get them back?


I see that you're referring to pre-packaged Chicken Caesar Salads in the black bottom with clear top containers.

I think it was an oversight or an accident. I'm not even sure if those are hand packaged or machine packaged.

Have you inquired or just come here to complain? WalMart is great about making rights out of wrongs. They will certainly give you another if you were to provide proof (photo/packaging/receipt/return actual product for exchange). Why on earth would any hourly employee care enough about the company profits to do this on purpose, as in to weight down a salad?

Not logical. I am dubious of your concern. Just make an attempt to make it right. "Salad happens".

Yes, it's inconvenient for people, but there you go.

I've purchased those particular salads numerous times and never had anything like that.


You very obviously work for this company!


That *** is sold by the bag - not weight - what an ignorant comment. To top it off - ever hear of machinery malfunction.

I bet you would go five years before you found that again. smh at humanity's ignorance.


No, it's sold by the weight, you rope-a-***. And it doesn't come in a bag.

It comes in a plastic container with a lid.

P.S. The bagged stuff is sold by the weight too.

Welcome to Retail 101.

No need to post any more comments if you're not planning on doing your homework. It's simply a waste of our time.


Happened to me ma,y over the years, I sift through the salad throwing out all the stalk, discusted.... even time has not made any change by walmart


You have to have something to do with the company! Who would ever bother to hide their identity when posting on such a topic. Please.......